Tangent Worlds - Privacy Policy


We don't collect, store, or share any personal data.

Privacy Policy

  1. Scope of Privacy Policy

  2. This Privacy Policy applies to our applications but does not apply to data collected by application stores (App Store, Steam, etc). See their Privacy Policies for more info.
  3. User Data - Collection

  4. Our games often have "save file" functionality. The save file is stored locally on your device and synced over the cloud (Apple iCloud for our iOS games) to your other devices. It contains no personal information. For example, Thundergut's Revenge has a save file that contains which levels you've completed and your score on each one. We do not have access to your save file.
  5. User Data - Storage

  6. We do not store any user data.
  7. User Data - Sharing

  8. Even if we had user data, we would never share it.
  9. Support Emails

  10. If you contact us for support, we will not share, sell, or rent any personal information that you may provide us.
  11. Questions or Comments

  12. If you have any questions or comments for us about this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at support@tangentworlds.com